Mike is awesome and so are you!


Now that I have your attention, you were probably thinking, ‘oh how arrogant, he says he’s awesome!’


Why do people frown upon self-confidence and almost automatically want to smash the person who is feeling good about themselves?

Good question? I think so.


Society has conditioned us to believe that we are not adequate and somehow we have to achieve what the ‘norm’ is in order to be deemed amazing. I believe this is part of why we have, for the most part, this built in ability to criticize others- because deep down we simply don’t believe we have a right to be awesome unless we have accomplished something they’ve been telling us is our life goals, such as:

  1. Getting a high paying job
  2. Marrying
  3. Buying a house
  4. Having children


Quite the list, and quite an under-whelming goal, especially for those of us who do not view materialistic things as a measurement for success.


Basically, my message and thought today is about the idea of people supporting each other, but we can’t do that if we suffer from low self-esteem and go along with what the status-quo thinks is ‘awesome.’ ¬†If you noticed, I said you were awesome as well but I bet you dollars to donuts, you most likely focused on my belligerence¬†rather than your own awesomeness. Got you there didn’t I?


Until next time,

Mike The Awesome One

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