Today’s Thought

stop-and-smell-the-rosesWell, it’s been a minute since I’ve written anything here so I thought I would articulate what I’ve been thinking about and learning this past week.

You have to admit, I’m entertaining to read! Don’t roll your eyes, I saw that.

Now, getting back to my meandering.

Isn’t it amazing how we overlook the simplest Blessings?

I was talking with a friend and suddenly found myself realizing that I was wrapped up in myself for way too long. How did I feel today? How did others feel about me today? Oh, it goes on and on. Our inner dialogue that most times we aren’t aware of. Well, I became aware- full stop as my friend started to tell me how he was losing his wife to cancer and how he didn’t know if he could take it or even bear it. He loves her so much but still it’s a hard job to do: taking care of someone who is terminally ill. He has medical professionals who come and go throughout the day but when the house is still there’s just him, his wife and his thoughts of life without her. “My God,” I thought, “I have my nerve thinking about the mundane.”

But do I really? No, not really. I came to the conclusion that although there will always be someone with a sadder story (or seemingly so,) it doesn’t take away from our own struggles because we all have them. Shown or not, we do.

So, my conclusion is to say: gain perspective from others stories, yes, but carry guilt for having it just a little bit (or a lot) better, no!

Enjoy your life.


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